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Frequently Asked Questions - General

FAQs - General
What does MBA4Kids stand for?

MBA4kids is a suite of programs which helps a child to reach their full potential in the shortest period of time. The program is backed by an international advisory team consisting of expert in Neuroplasticity, educationalists and successful entrepreneurs.

The program starts from Mid Brain Activation.

What is Midbrain?

The Midbrain as the name suggest is located near the center of the brain. The Mid Brain is also called the Mesencephelon, is a small region of the brain that serves as a relay center for visual, touch, taste, auditory, and motor system information. As the rostral or front part of the brainstem, the Midbrain is directly involved with motor and sensory functions. The activation of Midbrain leads to opening up the full potential of both the Left and the Right brains.

What are the benefits of Midbrain Activation?

Since Midbrain is situated between the Left and the Right brains, once activated it automatically resists the dominance of the Left brain over the Right. Hence it leads to empowering children to acquire extra sensory capabilities. The program improves the strength of children's five senses, their intuition,  interest and focus that leads to their enhanced confidence and thus performance in any field. 

Some of the many benefits are listed below:

• Enhanced concentration levels                           • Faster learning

• Supersensory perception                                    • Improved creativity and imagination

• Improved memory                                               • Improved IQ

• Multi-linguistic capabilities                                   • Intuitive mind

• Improved confidence                                           • Better motor-nerve coordination

• Emotional stability

What is the suitable age for children to attend MBA4Kids workshops?

The ideal age of children to attend this program is between 5 and 15 years. However, teenagers and adults have also benefitted from this workshop.

My Child is talented. Should my Child attend the workshop?

Human brain has more than 100 Billion cells. Without brain development training, the brain cells usage is less than 5 per cent. Most of these cells remain latent.

Not making full use of of such a wonderful  gift to  its full potential is, simply wasting the unique treasure given by God. MBA4Kids workshops can help activate the child’s brain for better performance and experience of life.

If your child is talented then this workshop can enhance and improve your child's skills and abilities further and the result is to transform him/her into an outstanding child.

Can the effect of the Midbrain activation be explained scientifically?

Midbrain activation actually is about the most mystical part of our human brain. Scientists, for long, have believed that the core of the human brain has the potential to dominate the hub function. Once inspired or activated, its incredible potential can be revealed and experienced.

Midbrain activation method is probably one of the most intellectual and scientific developments of the 21st century. It is, for sure, the best gift for the children of the world.

Are parents allowed in the Classroom?

The parents are not allowed in the classroom during the workshop because the children need to give their full concentration to the activities that are taught. We do allow the parents to watch their children perform activities while blindfolded at the end of Day 2.

Are there any side effects of Midbrain Activation?

Midbrain Activation process is a combination of some brain games, eyeball exercises, breathing techniques, music, motivation among other things and is not harmful at all.  It simply evokes the intuitive and imaginative power of the brain that we keep suppressing in order to find logic behind every activity that we do. No adverse affect is reported.

The activation results in the display of optimum brain condition, with the highest mental ability promoted. This helps the children to be more intelligent, and simultaneously it helps them exhibit their intrinsic characteristics.

What if a child cannot ‘see’ or ‘read’ blindfolded after the Activation? Does it mean that the course has had no benefit?

It is true that even after the Activation some children cannot do the exercises or activities blindfolded. It is important to understand that all children are different and hence comparisons will only bring harm. Parents need to exercise patience till the time the child improves with diligent practice. Only with regular practice, maximum benefits of the workshop can be achieved. This workshop improves concentration levels, enhances memory and senses. If required, we would suggest a repeat of the workshop at a later stage, free of cost.

Will the benefits of Midbrain Activation disappear after the course?

Basically once midbrain is activated, it will remain active. The brain waves can be increased with age to resist the dominance of the Left brain over the Right. It is important to follow the Home Practice Guide provided for daily practice in the initial stages after the course. To assist you and to check progress, we provide free revision sessions. Many parents can see the progress in their children in just a few weeks or in a few months time.